About Pärnu Museum

About Pärnu Museum

11,000 years of history – ’Experiences from times long past’

Pärnu Museum´s permanent exhibition provides an overview of 11,000 years of history in Pärnu County through exciting exhibits and displays that introduce the life and conditions of the various eras. The main exhibit shows local developments from Neolithic times right up to the late 1980s, and includes a mini-cinema showing archival films.

The institution's pride and joy is the so-called 'Stone Age Madonna'. At more than 8000 years old, it is the oldest known human-shaped sculpture in the Scandinavia and Baltic Sea area. Other star attractions include a fragment of a 14th-century merchant ship and a glass floor that lets you look down onto archaeological remnants of one of the town's historic gates,  which let through all the people and goods from New Pärnu port to the Hanseatic city.

In addition, Museum Café offers taste treats from the past as well as modern dishes and beverages. Café offers meals for groups, as well as the possibility of warm communication for the people. Museum Shop welcomes visitors with an abundant and distinctive selection of merchandise. 

Welcome to Pärnu Museum!

Witnessing the boom

 First Estonian children's fashion & design exhibition

From 16 June to 27 August, 2017, an exhibition called Witnessing the Boom  will be on display at the Pärnu Museum. One section of the exhibition will be devoted to a overview of children’s fashion and design, and include works by more than 20 designers. Another section, called Pärnu, Children and Fashion, will feature large photos of children’s fashion, by Kirsi Altjõe, an internationally recognised children’s fashion stylist. 

Pärnu is one of the most child-friendly cities in Estonia, and the Pärnu Museum embodies the same spirit. In addition, we have been inspired by the Year of Children's and Youth Culture and are therefore provided the visitors with an opportunity to see a unique overview of Estonian children’s fashion and design.
Outstanding original designs have been collected for the exhibition – starting with the Dadamore children’s pullovers with graphic designs, Mimi Disain asymmetric clothing, and finally fancy outfits by Lilli Jahilo and Tiina Talumehe. The best of Estonian readymade design is on display.

Currently more than 40 children’s fashion designers are active in Estonia. And they are creating unique clothing, toys, furniture and accessories for children and young people. The exhibition puts the Estonian top designers and their stories on display. And invites children to experiment and create their own fashion designs or applied art.

Kirsi Altjõe is a well-known and recognised Estonian children’s fashion stylist and fashion blogger that has been active in the field for more than 15 years. Kirsi Altjõe has worked with brands and magazines around the world – from Iceland to Hong Kong – and helped several Estonian brands enter the global market. The SAND IN YOUR SHORTS blog started by Kirsi has been included among the world’s 10 most influential children’s fashion blogs with more than 20,000 followers around the world.

Opening hours

Tue - Sun 10:00 - 18:00

Closed on public holidays:
June 23 - Midsummer Eve
June 24 - St´John´s Day

Closed three hours earlier:
June 22

Admission prices

Permanent exhibition

Adults 4 EUR
Pupils 2 EUR
Family ticket 10 EUR
(1-2 adults + children)
Pensioner 3 EUR
Student 3 EUR
ISIC card holder 3 EUR

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